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With somewhere between 500 and 600 visitors and 24 very satisfied companies, Jobcenter Aarhus, with the help of Visionpilot, has once again distinguished itself as a strong player on the field for alternative recruitment opportunities.

On 14/6-2022, the many Ukrainian job applicants queued up outside the Turbine Hall already half an hour before the fair opened and as soon as the doors were opened, they were in full swing with talks and dialogue with the participating companies.

They were active, engaged, prepared and had, to a large extent, familiarized themselves with the job opportunities in the trade fair catalog in advance, despite existing language barriers.

VisionPilot and the Jobcentre had overcome these barriers by, in collaboration with the Ukrainian consul in Aarhus, Morten Munk, conjuring up around 30 Ukrainian "interpreters" to interpret in person. A service that was well received by the busy exhibitors.

Among the satisfied exhibitors was Carl's Jr. "We have had lots of contacts, and we have already arranged six job interviews afterwards". Also at Augustenborggades Nursing Home, which was a co-exhibitor at SoSu East Jutland, people were happy and extremely satisfied. "We are very happy to be involved and have met many good candidates whom we would like to employ", reads from here.

The mood was also high at the company "Oppylding - Salgklar Butik". "It has been a good experience. It was our first fair and we have several more that we will have job interviews with afterwards”.

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