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JOB BootCamp 2021

In week 37 2021 Jobcenter Aarhus gathered stakeholder from area to a citywide initiative with the focus of improving job opportunities for new university graduates and help them transition form studying to working. It was an intense week with a varied range of lectures, workshops, webinars, case competitions and JobDating consisting of concrete offers fra the participating companies. In summary it was practical and inspiring supply of knowledge regarding the road from education to employment. The week had over 30 events with around 1.500 participants.


JOB Bootcamp 2021 was conducted as a practical Co-Creation-project. The Co-Creation process is a partnership between the many stakeholders and a focus group of students as well as unemployed graduates. As part of the partnership was representatives from 'Aarhus Universitet', 'Jobcenter Aarhus', 'Erhvervsakademi Aarhus', 'Studenterhus Aarhus' and the project management of the external company VisionPilot Aps. VisionPilot was responsible for project management, coordination, development and implementation.

An introductory workshop was conducted for the partnership with the purpose of defining relevant guidelines for the target audience. The event "Establishing a network of graduates - do you wanna join?" is an example of an event inspired by the partnership and involving students and unemployed graduates. Curious about the program? Read more on the website:



One of the bigger events at JOB BootCamp 2021 was "JobDating" - An event which took 2 days. At this event you could meet companies from different focus areas for an informal chat, which hopefully leads to further contact between company and graduate, answers to questions, new contacts or a new job opportunity. These focus areas were split into 4 categories and distributed like so:


  • Digitalisation, IT, Smart City

  • Energy, climate and environment


  • Groceries, health, medicine

  • Tourism, creative businesses, events

The companies varied in size and quite a few of them had specific jobs as examples for a conversation. The concept worked by having the companies sign up for the focus area that fit them the best. Afterwards registration was opened for participants who were able to choose from which focus areas they were interested in meeting the companies and learn more about them. Information about the companies were collected and put together in a catalogue, which was sent to the participants, so they could pick a time to schedule their chat with the companies that interested them

On the 2 days of the event, time was managed by Jobcenter Aarhus and there was plenty of opportunity to approach the companies with no current scheduled chat. This could be because you were waiting for another company or because you didn't make an appointment in time. JobDating was started after the hybrid-event named "Pitch yourself" by the mayor Jacob Bundsgaard and alderman Kristian Würtz - and with that JOB BootCamp 2021 was officially underway


Case Competition GROWTH4SMEs 2021


This year another case competition was held, where participants could test their competences and knowledge regarding issues based on a real company - which is a rather good thing to add to your resume along with the opportunity to network with relevant companies. This years case competition was made in cooperation with 'Aarhus Universitet' as part of the Erasmus+project GROWTH4SMEs. This meant that for the second year in a row, the competition was international and universities from other countries participating in the Erasmus+project (Oslo University, Limburg university, Belgium) were invited to join with up to 10 participants. 

The participants were able to pick between 4 different cases, which the forming of the groups were based on. These groups had 2 days to come up with a solution for their case, which they had to present on day 3.

Of course this meant that there were prizes to be won like: Best solution, Best Pitch and WTF-prize. But most importantly 2 participants actually received an internship in the company their case had been about.

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