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Development and Facilitation of Café's, Co-creation and Development Processes

VisionPilot develops and facilitates processes of development,

co-creation processes and workshops, e.g. Co-creationCafé, OpinionCafé and VisionCafé


Our approach to development and facilitation is based on a professional foundation consistent of Design Thinking and ConversationCafé's among other things. This is complimented by our experience, innovative approach and curiosity.


Development of methods and

solutions for issues

VisionPilot develops concepts and methods to solve all types of issues and concerns - Big, small or complex.

While developing a concept, VisionPilot always takes target groups, context and stakeholders into account to ensure that the concept is not only innovative, but also viable in the real world. 

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VisionPilot projekt: International Company Day 2018


Comprehensive and Holistic approach to developing and implementing Projects within a wide range of areas

VisionPilot has many years of experience working with projects, either big or small. Within the last 10 years VisionPilot has developed, facilitated, implemented and evaluated projects both locally, nationally and internationally. VisionPilot has been in charge of several events with the number of participants ranging from 10 to 30.000.

VisionPilot believes in a holistic approach to projects, making use of methods like:

  • Development

  • Planning

  • Facilitation

  • Coordination

  • Project Management

  • Implementation

  • Budget Management

  • Visual Communication and Advertisement

  • Data Processing and Data Visualisation

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